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Race Matters Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help decision-makers, advocates, and elected officials get better results in their work by providing equitable opportunities for all. The toolkit presents a specific point of view on addressing unequal opportunities by race and offers simple, results-oriented steps to help you achieve your goals.

The following tools are designed to help you make the case, shape the message, and do the work.  Also see the companion series, MORE Race Matters. These publications serve to complement the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Race Matters Toolkit by providing users with additional guidelines, tips and additional tools.

Table of Contents

• Introduction to RACE MATTERS

• Making the Case    

    Fact Sheets

        Child and Youth Development
        1. Health
        2. School Readiness
        3. Education
        4. Adolescent Reproductive Health
        5. Youth in Transition

    Family and Community Success
        6. Income Security
        7. Family Economic Success
        8. Rural Family Economic Success
        9. Neighborhood Vitality
        10. Civic Participation

     Public Systems
        11. Child Welfare
        12. Juvenile Justice
        13. Criminal Justice

        14. Media

• Shaping the Message

• Doing the Work

• More Race Matters